About Fuels

The Fuels search function allows user to efficiently navigate the AJFTD’s library of over 25,000 records of domestic and internationally sourced fuels. These fuel records contain property and composition data, including (but not limited to) physical properties such as density, viscosity, flash point and net heat of combustion, and compositional data such as aromatic content, sulfur content, and contaminants. Over 160 fuel records also contain extended two-dimensional gas chromatography data (GCxGC).

Additionally, fuel records may also contain a brief description of that sample and additional metadata such as sample origin (US airports, national laboratories), fuel type (Jet A, biofuel blends, HEFA), fuel manufacturer, and more. The fuel class category indicates whether the fuel is classified as a Sustainable Aviation Fuel, a conventional petroleum derived fuel, a blend of the two, or an engineered surrogate. Users may conduct their search by keywords or a series of drop-down categories. Search results can be further filtered by data categories such as fuel origin, manufacturer, fuel type, or by fuel samples containing specific property or composition data. To compare properties or compositions of multiple fuels simultaneously, select the "plus" next to the fuels you'd like to compare to add them to the comparison group, followed by "compare".

If you are unable to retrieve data relevant to your search, or have questions or feedback regarding database navigation, please do not hesitate to contact our database managers (information available under About => Directory).