About Documents

The AJFTD contains a variety of documents containing information such as fuel composition and property records, lab reports, testing records, emissions data, academic publications, and more. Users may retrieve relevant documents by using the traditional or advanced search pages or can browse documents organized by data categories or keywords. Additionally, extensive documentation specific to the National Jet Fuel Combustion Program is available on its own page under the Documents drop down menu.

For each fuel record received by AJFTD, a document exists under the Documents tab which contains the fuel data in its original format (pdf, excel, etc.), as it was received by database managers. Raw data is processed and labeled into a consistent format and stored as a fuel record under the Fuels tab. This allows users to perform a more comprehensive and focused search of fuel records, as well as engage with fuel data by utilizing interactive functions such as the fuel comparison tool.

If you are unable to retrieve data relevant to your search, or have questions or feedback regarding database navigation, please do not hesitate to contact our database managers (information available under About => Directory).