Google Analytics is in use on this website. Analytics data is collected for use in monitoring and improving the database. We are also be using Google Analytics to improve the experience for our visitors.  Those who wish to opt-out from analytics tracking may do so by installing the opt-out add-on for their browser, available from Google.

What is being collected?

How will this information be used and how will it benefit me as a customer/visitor?

Administrators of the Alternative Jet Fuels Database will use the information collected for the following purposes:
  1. To monitor performance of the service itself.
  2. To identify and correct poorly performing service elements and bottlenecks
  3. To support continuous improvement of the service offering
  4. To gather and report metrics to customers and campus
  5. To identify popular and unpopular resources
  6. To improve user experience in terms of navigation, layout, and features

For more information about web privacy at the University of Illinois, please see the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice.